Goodbye Whiskey

Lagi dengerin lagunya sid yang goodbye whiskey neh… anjeeng, gw banget ni lagu, mencoba untuk bebas dari alcohol kayanya berat juga… Kaya ada satu yang hilang dari dunia gw. Sebuah dimensi dimana gw bisa ngerasa enjoy bgt klo lagi ada disana… Damn!! I’m fu*kin miss u like i miss my gf!!

Superman Is Dead
Goodbye Whiskey

First time I meet you was year 1994
I felt in love with you as hard as we can go
No matter what they say, no matter what they do
Walk together to the black and blue

And now I wake up and never know when it’s enuff
My blood keep telling me, “hey man you gotta stop!!”
It’s hard so bad and I don’t wanna let you go
But baby this time, this time is for sure…

Remember when, remember downtown
Punkrock song and I hold you tight like there’s no tomorrow
You got me love, you got me hell
And this time, we will say goodbye…

Goodbye whiskey, goodbye whiskey
Thanks for all the joy in good times and the bad…
Goodbye whiskey, our time is over…
So goodbye till we meet again…


Goodbye Whiskey

Goodbye Whiskey

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